A night of songlight

An old saree picture and a scribble for a Saturday Shakin Stevens is crooning because I love you, it must be from the house with the boy. It’s the radio playing, nice. I should play the radio too. Unbreak my heart now and Toni Braxton sounds soulful and sensual all at once. I slip out… Read More

Instagram memories

I’ve had many blogs over many years, always zealously private until something started to loosen up. Perhaps it was a sense of growing older and figuring out all of us had the same loves and losses. We guard our secrets from friends and family but let them tumble in front of strangers. Some of my… Read More

Blood Red

The last few days were filled with thoughts of a little girl who was raped and murdered. It was also a period of celebration with many Indian new years yet I could find no joy. I couldn’t find myself the will to wish or greet anyone and stayed away from people. I just kept thinking… Read More